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Sedgwick County Democratic Party



The mission of the Sedgwick County Democratic Party is to work to build grass roots organizations, promote voter education, and support Democratic candidates for office from the county courthouse to the White House. We believe that the highest good of any nation and the only real goal for its government is to promote justice for all its citizens. We are proud of the record of the Democratic Party in Sedgwick County, and in our nation, for working towards “justice for all.”

Specifically, the Sedgwick County Democratic Party has four primary tasks:

  1. Recruit and support candidates for elected office
  2. Raise funds
  3. Build our party structure
  4. Promote issue awareness

Party Officers

Interim Chair - Jimmy Yeager

Jimmy Yeager is the Democratic Precinct Committeeman for Precinct 423 and a former Union Steward at Bombardier-Learjet and active in his Union, Local Lodge 623 of the International Association of Machinists (IAM), for the last 20 years. Jimmy has been an active volunteer on James Thompson congressional campaign since the special election last year. 

Secretary - Jessica Nicolet

Jessica Nicolet, Like many others, Jessica was devastated by the 2016 election. As an already established user of social media, she quickly got involved with the James Thompson campaign and worked on his communications team. She also founded ICTIndivisible, a local activist group that has been involved supporting local campaigns. Jessica is also an active Democratic Precinct Committeewoman and mom to two very active toddlers. 

Treasurer - Esau Freeman

Esau Freeman is the Democratic Precinct Committeeman for Precinct 108, a delegate to the Kansas Democratic Party Fourth District and State Party Central Committee. He has spent years advocating for criminal justice and drug law reforms and is the co-founder of Kansas for Change Inc. Esau is also an active advocate for working families and unions and is the current Businesses Representative for SEIU local 513. Previously, he has served as the Vice-Chair of the Sedgwick County Democratic Central Committee. He is also a proud graduate of Rose Hill high school and Wichita State University. 


Parliamentarian - Kelsey Fowler Floyd

Kelsey Fowler Floyd, originally from Emporia, is an attorney who moved to Wichita, and then later Bel Aire, following her graduation from Washburn Law. During her undergraduate studies, Kelsey spent five years working as the Agenda Clerk to the Kansas House Democratic Caucus. Kelsey is a practicing attorney in Sedgwick County and has been an active member of the Kansas Democratic Party since age 16, participating in credentialing and rules at the state committee during that time.